T&P held a presentation on “New methods of collecting creditor’s claims”

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Prezentacija "Novi načini potraživanja"

Law office Tasić & Partners, in cooperation with Forum Media d.o.o. Beograd, has held a presentation on “New methods of collecting creditor’s claims” in order to solve all the dilemmas that might arise in practice in the implementation of the new Law on financial security with special review on the amendments of the Law on bankruptcy.
Speakers on this seminar, Ms Marija Tasic, managing partner and Mr. Marko Damnjanovic, junior partner at T&P, responded to all the concerns related to the financial security contract, the position of the creditors from this agreement in relation to existed regime based on the Law on Bankruptcy, as well as on many other issues. In the interactive communication with the participants, they have also pointed out on the most common problems, as well as their solutions in accordance with the new legal provisions.

In the pleasant and dynamic atmosphere of the Hotel 88 rooms in Belgrade, the participants exchanged their experiences and gained new knowledge on the existing mechanisms for the protection of their claims and assets.

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