Marko Damnjanović

Marko Damnjanović



LL.B, Faculty of Law University of Belgrade |


Belgrade and Serbian Bar Association |


Commercial and Other Disputes | Real Estate | Privatization and Restructuring | Media Law | Intellectual Property | Dispute Resolution | Contract Law |

Marko Damnjanović is a junior partner in T&P. He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B) from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. He is a member of Belgrade and Serbian Bar Association.

Marko’s fields of expertise are commercial and other disputes, real estate, privatization and restructuring, media law, intellectual property, litigation and contractual law. He also has a valuable experience in the field of media, intellectual property, commercial disputes and reorganization of business. He has also participated in a number of asset and public land acquisitions on behalf of foreign investors from Europe and Asia, as well as in conversion of the land and he is considered an expert in all aspects of real estate from both public sector and privately owned companies perspective.

He is fluent in Serbian and English.