Tasic & Partnewri - Expertise corporate and commercial

Commercial and M&A

Our corporate lawyers advise clients on the different corporate forms for establishing a presence in local jurisdictions, including without limitation, complex issues such as capital increases, debt-to-equity swaps, capital reductions, liquidations, corporate governance, and corporate finance.

Our full-service approach, which combines business competence and industrial knowledge, allows us to be an effective corporate housekeeper to our clients and advise on commercial contracts and regulatory aspects of their businesses.

Energetski & Infrastrukturni projekti

Energy & Infrastructure

Energy sector is a complex area of law, encompassing energy production, energy efficiency, renewable energy, alongside with financial support mechanisms, with a strong regulatory framework consisting of numerous laws and by-laws.

Tasic&Partners provides legal advice to companies through the labyrinth of various complexity issues which requires multidisciplinary approach and may also include PPP projects as a structure for implementation of some of the energy projects.

Intelektualna svojina i IT


We have extensive expertise in IP-related matters, which ranges from trademark and patent registrations to highly complex areas, IP litigation and infringement proceedings.

Our team regularly represent domestic and international clients in local and regional IP protection.

Providing legal advice in various IT areas of expertise, including IT contracts and software licensing, media and internet, E-commerce, tax advisory and digital property, we are trustworthy advisers to our clients in novel cutting-edge industry.

Usaglašenost poslovanja

Regulatory Strategy

We assist clients in aligning their activities with business objectives through strategic legal planning. This involves structuring the business to reduce legal risks and efficiently manage both risks and court proceedings. We ensure compliance with local and global regulations and foster a culture of adherence to ethical standards and internal procedures.

We prevent clients from facing court proceedings and penalties by providing timely information, applying regulations, and ensuring a secure cooperation with us.

Javne nabavke i JPP

Procurement and PPPs

T&P represent their clients in all phases of public procurement procedures, which includes submitting requests for the protection of client rights. Thanks to extensive practice and experience, we do this with a high success rate.

In the realm of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), we are proud to highlight that we have made a significant difference by developing a unique and diverse PPP practice, representing private and public partners in over 20 PPP projects in Serbia and the region, spanning areas such as energy efficiency, transportation, road maintenance, and regional landfills.


Zaštita podataka i privatnosti

Data Protection & Privacy

Tasić & Partners supports businesses of its clients through the digital environment by providing them with comprehensive advice services related to data protection and privacy.

Bearing in mind that data protection, information security and data management are delicate areas, regulated by numerous procedures, we provide our clients with advisory services and legal advice in accordance with up-to date trends in this area.

Poresko pravo


Various types and sizes of companies are frequently exposed to fast-changing tax legislation while doing business in one or more jurisdictions.

Tasić & Partners expertise in corporate matters and wide understanding of key legal and tax issues, provide integrated approach when providing taxation advice.

Our team provides full service in various areas of tax, including tax agent service, corporate and individual income tax, cutoms, property tax, VAT etc.

Radno pravo

Labour Law

Tasic & Partners advise broadly on workforce issues including drafting of employment agreements, management agreements, consultancy related tax matters, social contributions, residence and work permits for foreign executives and employees, and tailored made solutions for the ESOP.

In addition, our team handles high-level counseling work such as supporting employers in labor relations issues that may come up with major company changes such as: M&A, bankruptcy proceeding and corporate restructuring.

We represent clients in litigation and help them resolve labor disputes efficiently.


Real Estate

Our real estate team is experienced in real estate matters, and has strong knowledge in guiding clients through complex environment of property transactions, including real estate projects development, buying or selling commercial properties, construction (FIDIC) agreements etc.

Tasic & Partners represent clients in negotiation process of financial agreements structure, advise facility management companies regarding all issues relevant for real estate management and transfer.

Komercijalne transakcije


Tasić & Partners assist with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating every kind of commercial agreements. We can review commercial agreements generated from various industries to safeguard client’s business interest and offer useful legal advice.

We have a deep understanding and inside knowledge of the Serbian and international contract law landscape, in line with relevant expertise contributing to specific needs of each of our clients.

Our experienced team of commercial litigators is on hand in the event of a dispute between the parties.

Rešavanje sporova

Dispute resolution

By providing its clients with advice in the labor law and providing business compliance of their businesses with applicable regulations, Tasic & Partners team is committed to resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, considering the duration and costs that the client may suffer.

Our experienced team of litigators has significant experience in various litigation procedures that cover almost all industries and business sectors.

Industrija & Proizvodnja

Industry & Manufacturing

Numerous comparative advantages that Serbia has, thanks to the adopted measures for attracting investors, have brought numerous multinational and/or foreign companies that open their factories.

Having in mind the complexity of providing these services, which include the establishment of companies, real estate acquisition and/or construction, business setup of both companies and production, Tasić & Partners, thanks to extensive experience, advise many companies through this complex process.