Change in the Method of Capital Registration in the Business Register

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According to the information available on the website of the Agency for Business Registers, the registrar will, starting from April 2, 2024, change the method of registration of the basic capital and the contributions of the shareholders, so that instead of all individual payments of monetary and entries of non-monetary capital, only the total amount of registered and paid/entered capital will be displayed on the day of the last change, based on either an increase or decrease in capital. The above practically means that, from 02/04, instead of a series of payments/entries of capital on different dates, a unique amount of capital on the last day of payment/entry will be displayed, which will also be applicable when displaying shareholders’ contributions.

An important note for all companies is that the introduced change will not affect the very way of submitting the application and displaying data on capital and shareholders’ contributions in registration applications, but will only significantly simplify the display of capital, by deleting all previous individual payments/entries, and keep only the last payment/entry or decrease of capital, which is in accordance with the rule on the constitutive effect of registering changes in capital, i.e. company shareholders, as stated and regulated by the provisions of the Company Law.

The aforementioned change is implemented with the consent of the Ministry of Economy and will not imply a simultaneous change for all registered entities, but a gradual change, primarily for those entities that will submit applications related to changes in capital or the contributions of company shareholders. We believe that the aforementioned change will significantly facilitate the review of data on share capital and contributions, as it will contain unique and easy-to-review data.

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