Report of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality for 2023

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In the Official Gazette of the RS No. 22 of March 20, 2024, the regular annual report for 2023 was published by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. The Report includes an overview of activities on protection against discrimination and promotion of equality in 2023.

According to the information from the Report, during 2023, the Commissioner acted in 3,282 cases, which represents an increase in the number of cases compared to 2022. The Commissioner’s recommendations were acted upon in 84.3 % of cases, which represents a slight decrease compared to previous years.

When it comes to protection against discrimination:

  • the commissioner acted in 600 complaints,
  • 20 initiatives for amending regulations were sent to public authorities and other persons,
  • 32 opinions were given on draft laws and other general acts,
  • one proposal was submitted for the assessment of constitutionality and legality,
  • there is a civil proceeding in which the Commissioner is an intervener in a claim for protection against discrimination initiated by another person.

The largest number of citizen complaints in 2023 related to discrimination based on age and health status, disability, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, marital and family status.

We use the opportunity to remind all companies of the obligations prescribed by the Law on Gender Equality, which depend on the type of entity obliged by the Law, and refer to:

  • the obligation to adopt the Plan of Measures for the Promotion of Gender Equality and inform the competent Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue (Ministry), within 15 days from the day of adoption,
  • the obligation to adopt the report on the implementation of the annual plan or program and to notify the Ministry within 30 days of its adoption;
  • the obligation to prepare annual reports on the achievement of gender equality and submit these to the Ministry no later than January 15 of thecurrent year,
  • the obligation to record data classified by gender, which records are an integral part of the annual report and are submitted to the Ministry no later than January 15 of thecurrent year, and
  • the obligation to prepare a Risk Management Plan and submit it to the Ministry no later than January 15 of the current year.
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