Tasić & Partners provided consulting services in the PPP process for the long-term supply of thermal energy in the Municipality of Šid

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Law office Tasić & Partners is pleased to announce that the Municipality of Šid has initiated a public procurement process for the selection of a private partner, marking the final phase in the implementation of the Public-Private Partnership for the long-term supply of thermal energy for heating 24 public facilities, with simultaneous reconstruction of the thermal energy production system in the Municipality of Šid.

This highly significant project, whose realization will contribute to improving energy efficiency and the quality of life for the residents of Šid, represents a crucial step towards achieving sustainability and economic growth goals within the local community.

Tasić & Partners has participated as a provider of consulting services in this project, providing legal expertise and strategic guidance in all phases of the PPP project. As a result of our dedication and expertise, we are now honored to inform you about the publication of the public call for the selection of a private partner.

This project presents a unique opportunity to invest in the local community and contribute to sustainable development. All interested parties are invited to join this endeavor and, together with the Municipality of Šid and Tasić & Partners law firm, contribute to creating a better future.

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