Tasić & Partners provided consulting services in the PPP process for the long-term supply of thermal energy in the Municipality of Apatin

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The municipality of Apatin recently issued a public call for the selection of a private partner to implement a public-private partnership project aimed at the long-term supply of thermal energy for heating 11 public facilities, alongside the simultaneous reconstruction of the thermal energy production system.

We proudly highlight that Tasić & Partners Law Firm was actively engaged in this significant project, providing consulting services. With our legal expertise and strategic leadership, our team offered essential support in this public-private partnership project.

We are proud that, once again, we were able to contribute to the successful realization of the PPP project, which will significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the heating system in the municipality of Apatin. On this occasion, we invite all interested parties to join this endeavor and, together with the Municipality of Apatin and Tasić & Partners Law Firm, contribute to shaping a brighter future.

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