Tasić & Partners held a presentation “Employment of Foreigners in the RS”

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Law office Tasić & Partners (T&P), in cooperation with the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA), held the presentation “Employment of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia”, with the aim of summarising the relevant regulations in the field of employment of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia, as well as discussing potential problems faced by employers in the practical application of the regulations.

From the lecturers, Vanja Stojanović Cvetanovski, senior partner and Maša Đokić, associate at T&P, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the legislation that applies to the employment of foreigners in the RS, types of work permits, the procedure for obtaining a work permit, as well as about the expected changes to the legal framework brought by the announced changes to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Employment of Foreigners in the Republic of Serbia.

During an interactive and dynamic discussion, the most common problems – encountered both by the seminar participants and the T&P team, in their long-term work with clients in this area, were discussed. The participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, as well as to get practical instructions and guidelines aimed at reducing potential risks and problems when employing foreign nationals in the RS.


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