Marija Tasic participated in an Instructive session on PPP subject

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Marija Tasic, managing partner at law office Tasic&Partners, was invited by Central European Development Forum to participate in an Instructive Session for local governments on subject of JPP and ESCO conctracts, that was held in the Sava Centar on May 31, 2017. The main aim of the Session was presentation of PPP legal and institutional framework, as well as practical examples and experiences in the energy efficiency which was the appropriate opportunity to present wealthy practice of Tasic&Partners law office in different areas of PPP in Serbia and the region.
The session was held within the Energy Week that represent a unique event that is aimed to bring together different generations in many conferences, public meetings and workshops during five working days. The primary aim of this event is to raise public awareness on energy efficiency, energy consumption, renewable energy and environmental protection.
The Energy Week, organized under the patronage of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Mining and Energy and CEDEF, gathered a substantial number representatives of relevant State institutions, eminent scientist, as well as manufacturers of advanced technology. It presents an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences to get the best results on the long-term.

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