IFRL1000 ranks Tasic&Partners for Energy and Infrastructure

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IFLR1000 has launched new rankings for Energy and infrastructure 2016. We are pleased to announce that Tasic & Partners has been ranked as a Tier 3 law firm in Serbia, for its work and achievements in the field of Energy and Infrastructure, which places the office among the top law firms in Serbia in that category.

The IFLR1000 is a guide to the world’s leading financial and corporate law firms and lawyers. The law firm rankings are based on client and peer feedback and examples of transactional highlights from the last 12 months of work.

Following are the excerpts and quotes about Tasic&Partners from the IFLR1000’s 2016 guide to Energy and Infrastructure:

“Tasic & Partners has a clear focus on infrastructure and PPP (public-private partnership) projects and picks up a lot work on municipal and social infrastructure projects”.

“Tasic & Partners provide high quality legal services and cost effective solutions. They are our first choice because of their reputation and success that has been built on the skills, expertise and professionalism of its attorneys. They provide a high standard of service and very good value for money. They do everything they are asked in an accurate and timely manner. Thorough, responsive and business-minded team.”.

IFLR1000’s Energy and infrastructure 2016 firm rankings are now available online. Click here to access the rankings and Tasic & Partners IFLR1000 Review.

Marija Tasic, partner, and Vanja Stojanovic, junior partner at Tasic & Partners, are the key contacts within our PPP and Energy and Infrastructure team.

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