Novelties introduced by the Law on Public Information and Media

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The Law on Public Information and Media was published in the Official Gazette of the RS no. 92/2023 dated October 27, 2023 (“the Law“) and began to be applied from November 4, 2023, except for certain provisions with delayed implementation, among which are novelites that shall be applicable as of January 1, 2025.

One of the changes that will be applies on January 1, 2025, introduces the obligation of additional registration of certain documents in the Media Registry by media publishers, as prescribed by Article 47 of the Law.

We herewith remind you that the Law introduced the obligation of media publishers to, by February 4, 2024. register data on the editor-in-chief of the media and a document containing data on legal and natural persons that directly or indirectly have more than 5% share in the founding capital of the publisher, data on their related parties in the sense of the law regulating the legal status of business companies and data about other publishers in which these persons have more than 5% of the share in the founding capital, if the said data is not registered in accordance with the previously applicable law.

Media publishers will additionally be obliged to submit the following documents to the Media Registry:

  • a document that provides internal measures and procedures for achieving gender equality;
  • a document that provides measures and procedures for the protection of the editorial policy;
  • a document that provides measures and procedures for the employment of persons with disabilities; and
  • a document that provides measures and procedures for ensuring a safe working environment for journalists and media workers.

The form in which the said documents will be delivered is not yet known, nor is there a special sanction for failure to deliver the said documents.

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