Map of the Registry of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development (RegMPRR)

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The Agency for Business Registers published the updated Map of the Registry of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development (Map RegMPRR) on April 18, 2024. This document contains key data on the current level of development, as well as information on state investments, economic progress, and business capacities, including annual data for the year 2023.

Map RegMPRR forms an integral part of the broader Registry of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development (RegMPRR), managed by the Agency for Business Registers. This registry includes, in addition to the Map, two other databases that serve as repositories of information on measures taken and effectively implemented incentives significant for regional development.

The content of Map RegMPRR includes consolidated data for four administrative levels—Republic of Serbia, regions, districts, and municipalities. These data are available for search according to different criteria within a four-year period, with fourteen filtering options depending on the specific interests of the user. In 2023, the Map records a significant realization of incentive funds amounting to RSD 282.6 billion, which represents an increase of 22.5% compared to the previous year, with the largest portion of funds directed towards the business sector, including companies and entrepreneurs.

Map RegMPRR serves as an extremely valuable resource for potential investors, allowing them to conduct a thorough analysis of the economic development and potentials of the chosen location before making investments, considering factors such as the size of the territory, population number, and the qualification profile of the unemployed.


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