Acquisition International reported on Tasic & Partners’ success

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Renowned financial magazine and portal Acquisitions International (AI) recognized Tasic & Partners as one of the leading law firms in the areas of corporate law and public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Serbia and on this occasion, interviewed  Marija Tasic, partner at T&P, for their May 2015 issue.

AI enquired Ms Marija Tasic about the role T&P team had in the M&A transaction in which “SIE Holding” became the majority owner of “Tagor Electronic Ltd.,” T&P’s client. The inquiry also referred  to PPP projects, which present “a wide field for international M&A transactions in vital sectors such as public transport, lighting and energy”.

Ms Tasic noted that T&P implements innovative and progressive ideas in corporate, M&A and PPP sector and thus ” provides a five-star service to each and every client”.

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