Deadlines for Regular Shareholders’ Meetings and Submitting Regular and Consolidated Financial Statements

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All companies are required to hold a regular shareholders’ meeting by June 30, 2024, during which, among other things, financial statements for the previous year are adopted and profits are distributed or losses from the previous year are covered. Single-member companies are not required to convene a regular shareholders’ meeting, while multi-member companies must adhere to the deadlines for convening the regular shareholders’ meeting, which for limited liability companies is eight days, and for joint-stock companies, 30 days before the meeting date, unless another deadline is provided by the company’s founding act or statutes.

In addition to holding the shareholders’ meeting, legal entities and entrepreneurs who are required to audit their financial statements in accordance with the law regulating auditing must submit to the Business Registers Agency both the regular and consolidated annual financial statements along with the decision on adopting the regular or consolidated annual financial statements. The documentation prescribed by the Law on Accounting must be submitted to the Agency no later than June 30 of the following year for regular annual financial statements, or by July 31 of the following year for consolidated annual financial statements.

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