Public Call for Participation in the Support Program for the Development of Competitiveness

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The Development Agency of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as “DAS”) has published a Public Call for Participation in the Support Program for the Development of Competitiveness (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”).

The goal of the Program is to improve the competitiveness, safety and quality of products and services, to facilitate access to the market, as well as to increase the level of use of standards in production, business and product certification.

The right to participate in Program and use the grants are applicants that meet the following requirements:

1. that at the time of submitting the application, they are registered in the The Serbian Business Registers Agency for at least two years;
2. that no bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings have been initiated against them;
3. that they have settled his liabilities for taxes and contributions;
4. did not have any restrictions or prohibitions from performing activities for the last two years;
5. that the applicant and his responsible persons have not been convicted of economic crimes, as well as that members of the applicant and responsible persons within the applicant have not been convicted of criminal offenses against the economy;
6. that for the same justified expenses for which he is applying, in the last two years he has not used incentive funds from the Budget of the Republic of Serbia, the budget of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the budget of local self-government;
7. are not facing difficulties, according to the definition contained in the regulation on rules for granting state aid;
8. the activity of the applicant should be: production, processing or services of the IT industry;
9. the activity of the applicant i should not be: production and trade of tobacco products, primary agricultural production, production of weapons and military equipment, games of chance, production and trade of any product that is considered prohibited according to domestic regulations or international conventions and agreements.

Project activities that may be subject to co-financing by DAS are:

1. Implementation of conformity assessment procedures (testing, control, certification, etc.) of products with the requirements of Serbian and foreign technical regulations or fulfilling the conditions for labeling with prescribed signs;
2. Organization of business in accordance with the requirements of international management standards (implementation of standards, certification, recertification):

The available resources are granted individually, as co-financing in the amount of up to 60% for micro, small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs (or 40% for large companies) of the total amount of eligible costs excluding VAT. The maximum total amount of funds approved for reimbursement is 1.000.000,00 dinars, which one user can obtain for one or more activities. The minimum amount of funds approved for reimbursement is 100.000,00 dinars, which one user can obtain for one or more activities.

The deadline for the completion of all contracted activities and the realization of payments within the approved project is 12 months from the date of signing the contract with the DAS.
The total budget for Program amounts to RSD 100.000.000,00. The public call is open from December 30, 2022 and will be opened until the funds are consumed, or until December 31, 2023 at the latest.

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