Calculation of receivables and liabilities between buyers-producers and suppliers

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Decree on criteria, conditions and manner of calculation of receivables and liabilities between buyers-producers and suppliers (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 83/2021)

The Government of the Republic of Serbia at the session held on August 26th, 2021 adopted the Decree on the criteria, conditions and manner of calculation of receivables and liabilities between buyers-producers and suppliers (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 83/2021 hereinafter: the “Decree”), which regulates in more detail the manner in which end customers can become buyers-producers and the conditions and criteria according to which they can sell the electricity they will produce through built-in solar panels.

The Decree significantly simplifies the procedure according to which the status of a buyer-producer is obtained without contact with the state administration and without the need to obtain location conditions, building permits, as well as approvals for installation and trial operation.

The buyer-producer is the end buyer who has connected his own object for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources to internal installations, whereby the produced electricity is used to supply own consumption, and the surplus of produced electricity is delivered to the transmission system, distribution system, or closed distribution system, except in the case of a housing association when the connection is made in accordance with this Decree.

End buyers who are legal entities and entrepreneurs in accordance with the Decree can be those who have less than 50 employees, total annual income of up to ten million euros in dinar countervalue, whose objects are connected to the electricity distribution system of voltage lower than 1 kV and whose electricity consumption in the previous calendar year is up to 30,000 kWh in accordance with the law governing energy and which, depending on the installed capacity of the production object, have the appropriate rights and obligations under the Decree.

The buyer-producer can therefore be a household, a housing association, a legal or natural person or an entrepreneur, who submits a request to the supplier (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) for concluding a contract on complete supply with net metering e.d. net billing. Previously, it is necessary for the user to build a production facility, conclude a contract with an economic entity that will deliver and build solar panels, and adjust the metering point to acquire the status of a buyer-producer.

The end customer acquires the status of buyer-producer and is entered in the Register of buyer-producers.

The Decree regulates all business and legal relations between the buyer-producer and supplier in connection with the sale of produced electricity. The method of calculation of receivables and liabilities between the buyer-producer and the supplier depends on the category of the end customer who became the buyer-producer.

In order to implement the Decree, as of September 3rd, 2021 a public call for subsidies for the installation of solar panels will be announced. In that sense, the Ministry of Mining and Energy will first publish a public invitation to which local self-government units will apply, and after that those who received the funds shall issue a public invitation for economic entities that will deliver solar panels and perform installation, as well as for final users.

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