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Public-private partnership (PPP)

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are likely to take precedence over traditional financing and development of all aspects of infrastructure, including undeveloped motorways and railways, energy capacities and sources of renewable energy.

All that due to the fact they offer many benefits to governments trying to address and improve infrastructure and the efficiency of their bodies and organizations. PPPs combine the best from both public and private sector – the technology, knowledge and resources from the private sector and regulatory framework and public interest protection from the public sector.

Well aware of all the above said, our team provides legal advice and all accompanying services in regard to the PPP projects, including the projects involving renewable energy, waste management, infrastructure, environmental protection and natural resources.

Our scope of work includes professional assistance on the initial matters including the regulatory framework, potential liabilities and private-public sector communication to the final stages of the project including obtaining relevant licenses, construction and facilities management.